Questionnaire #3 - Property

List your value of your UNSECURED bankruptcy property for your property protection.

If you own a vehicle, home or other secured property, please complete those questionnaires after submitting your unsecured property.

Please see the Bankruptcy Basics Glossary for a complete list of definitions such as secured or unsecured property or debt if you are not sure.

Questionnaire 3 - Property & Exemptions

Please put your name on each different questionnaire. Thank you.



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Rica Gilmore is a non-attorney legal document preparer with over 26 years experience. This including thousands of successful bankruptcies and credit repair cases. She has prepared divorces, medicate property, children and other issues for the MSA, QDROS, name changes, and real estate documents. Rica is a licensed tax preparer and realtor.  

This website contains general information related to home buying, credit repair, bankruptcy, but it does not offer  LEGAL advice.

If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney. There are long term consequences to filing bankruptcy, purchasing a home, selling a home, property credit repair and knowing your rights and obligations.