Avoid Bankruptcy

Rica J Gilmore


A great way to avoid bankrutpcy will work in most cases by advance planning. Most at this site will find it is too late, but this will help not to file a second time. I have been preparing bankrutpcy petitions so long, I am now preparing them for people on their third time around.

So, let's talk about reducing debt and expenses. The greatest place to lower expenses is casual spending. The bigger the family, the bigger the savings.
Just eliminating fancy coffee and a muffin every morning can add up to $150, two people quiting smoking (yes hard, but not impossible) can make a car payment. For me, I switched to a Walmart straight talk phone and moved my verizon as an extra phone that blocks internet and texts Some can eliminate cell phones, give the kids a pager instead, lower recreation endulgences.


Some can avoid bankruptcy by adding only $300 per month income. The goal is to increase without decreasing or taking risks. Many home businesses require a huge income to devote to the business and then the potential of loss is scary. I am offering things below that do not require you risk money to make money.

There are many companies that will pay you to refer others to them. Examine the one below.


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