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I have been preparing bankruptcy documents for 26 years - SUCCESSFULLY. Additionally, I do not break the laws. You can rest assured you will have proper care. I do not have others that type the documents for me. It is not "accumulative experience." I personally type and review all documents. There is never a bill. You pay when, and if, you decide you want the documents prepared. I will only invoice you upon request. Payments are accepted through Square or Google Wallet.

The first questionnaire will provide you with the consultation and a free Means Test Then next two questionnaires are important for accepting a case for preparation. Please complete those when you can as well. 

You will be able to use the evaluation from the question to decide your best route which may or may not be bankruptcy.

Regardless if you decide to file now, this information can prove very valuable for you now and in the future.  

The Questionnaire has been broken down to small subjects. Any question skipped will be asked later, so please safe time by entering all information the first time. 

Most questionnaires are self explanatory. However, before entering ALL property on first property questionnaire, notice it is only for unsecured property. 


All unsecured property listed on the Property Questionnaire.

All unsecured creditors are listed on the Unsecured CreditorQuestionnaire.


The secured property and secured creditors are listed on the following three questionnaires:  

Vehicles,  Homes, and Miscellaneous Secured Creditors


Q1 - Basic Information and Income Questionnaire

Q2 Expenses Questionnaire

Q3 - Property Questionnaire

Q4 - Lease and Contract Questionnaire

Q5 - Unsecured Creditor Questionnaire

Q6 - Co-Debtors Questionnaire

Q7 -Statement of Financial Affairs

Q8 - Vehicle Questionnaire

Q9 - Real Estate Questionnaire

Q10 - Miscellaneous Secured Creditors

Q11 - Means Test


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Rica Gilmore is a non-attorney with 26 years processing documents including thousands of successful bankruptcies. She has prepared divorces, medicate property, children and other issues for the MSA, QDROS, name changes, and real estate documents.

This website contains information related to bankruptcy, but does not offer you LEGAL advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney or act as your own.

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