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We have charged $125 since that time and continue to do so. 

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Tip 1: Provide the information demanded by the trustee ON TIME. Please provide it on time so your case can go smoothly for your own sake!

Tip 2: Make the hearing and again - on time WITH everything the trustee asked for (examples: identification, social security card, and your set of forms for reference.

Tip 3: When preparing your list of creditors, for the purpose of this questionnaire, the section that asks for the type of debt please list if it is a credit card, medical debt, personal loan, vehicle, house, student loan, secured by car, secured by house, etc. Please never leave the balance, date incurred, or other information blank. If it is asked for on the questionnaire, it is asked for on the forms. 

Tip 4:The credit list needs to be in the format about and NOT a spreadsheet. After this many years, following across on a spreadsheet is just too tedious.

Tip 5: By attention to your mail! 

Tip 5Obtain your post-counseling class AND FILE IT


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Rica Gilmore is a non-attorney with 26 years processing documents including thousands of successful bankruptcies. She has prepared divorces, medicate property, children and other issues for the MSA, QDROS, name changes, and real estate documents.

This website contains information related to bankruptcy, but does not offer you LEGAL advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney or act as your own.

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