This page will cover who I am and how I will help you in your bankruptcy process.  

It goes over how we were established, what we offer and what we don't offer. 


We have successfully prepared thousands of bankruptcy cases since 1992, because we always put your interest first.

As you prepare the questionnaires and receive the information from the free consultation, you will be able to use that information in either debt consolidation options, bankruptcy options, or negation possibilities with your creditors. Please do not pay our fees until you have either completed your free consultation, received legal advice that you should file bankruptcy, or you have - acting as your own attorney - decided that is best for you. 

We offer information on how to obtain free annual credit reports, free legal searches, free bankruptcy information videos provided by the bankruptcy court to share! These tools provide a valuable starting point without hurting your budget. Please use these tools to your fullest. We worked hard putting them all together. If you have any suggestions, please us our contact page and let me know! 

We type Chapter 7 cases, but remember - you are selecting to represent yourself. We only type documents based on your questionnaire submission and your edits in the review process. A part of a bankruptcy or the entire bankruptcy preparation is $125. This does not include Motions, Objections, Answers, Serves, or anything other than the typing of the Bankruptcy forms. 

We do not prefer to prepare Chapter 13 cases. We will prepare an emergency Chapter 13 to give you time to obtain an attorney. If you are confident in preparing you Chapter 13 plan, we will prepare the documents for you.   

Keep in mind, with any bankruptcy, you can always hire an attorney at any point. In some cases, especially clients trying to hide assets, which is a terrible fraudulent idea, this usually ends up being the case. If you are thinking of fraud, please call an attorney! They can set that idea straight. (Anything with fraud in the sentence is never a good thing. I do not accept fraudulent cases. If you lie to both me and the court, when you are caught, be prepared to defend yourself or to hire an attorney.)

Here at Process My Papers, I know bankruptcy avoidance is sometimes the best option. Please review our website for credit counseling and other information for other alternatives. We hope you can avoid bankruptcy, but if not, we will be here. Our consultations are free. We only charge $125 for the preparation of the forms - the same since 1992. As an additional bonus, to provide some relief, as soon as your $125 is paid, you are invited to have your creditors contact our office for verification of your full payment.



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Since 1991

Rica Gilmore is a non-attorney with 26 years processing documents including thousands of successful bankruptcies. She has prepared divorces, medicate property, children and other issues for the MSA, QDROS, name changes, and real estate documents.

This website contains information related to bankruptcy, but does not offer you LEGAL advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney or act as your own.

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